Past events


3rd August


ZARBI - doors open at 19.30 – entrance :- 10 euros including drinks and food

ZARBI play an eclectic mix of French café music - musette et chansons - the accordion style of music and dance first made popular in Paris in the 1880s. Something for the everyone.

ZARBI are based in Revel and feature:-

  • Maryse Edon - accordion and vocals
  • Fiona Hughesdon - cello
  • Peter Finch – guitar and violin
  • Peter Ferrett - guitar and vocals

10th and 17th August

EXHIBITION - Matt Hilton and Martin Ware – Deux Artistes Anglais

Preview 3rd August during the Zarbi concert

Vernissage 10th August with food and drink

Décrochage 17th August with food and drink

Matt Hilton

The function of a work of art is to halt, however briefly,  our rush to the grave. I does this by disrupting the way we perceive objects in their space / time cradle. My job is derived from imagination but also from concrete encounters with all the bric-a-brac swept along by the river of time. In a certain sense art is a satirical reaction, violent, against death - but also a fart in the corrupt face of the idea of magic. It is driven by the metaphorical capacity of the human species: transformations that confound and supersede rational process. Of magic it has kept only the ritual obeisance of decadent practitioners.


Martin Ware

Since moving to France, I started to work again as an artist after a long and necessary break.

Etching is a technique which allows the image to be altered indefinitely. In this way is it similar to painting but has unique qualities of line, tone, texture and detail. The final image rarely reflects the original intention. The pleasure is in the evolution of the image and the unexpected results. The words of Richard express better my approach than I could….

“For me, a work of art has to have ambition beyond wanting to please the audience or appease fashion. It has to have ambition to examine the world – people or nature or society – and make it look or sound or seem new. A work of art should introduce something that didn't exist before. There has to be a complexity about art – but that's not the same as obscurity. There must be mystery, a sense of unknowability – as there is in every human. In art, reality must be given the chance to be mysterious, and fantasy the chance to be commonplace.”


20th July

EXHIBITION 20 – 22 July 2013

Light sculptures by Katrin Thomas

The intriguing light sculptures of German artist Katrin Thomas will be accompanied at 20.30 by the music of the internationally acclaimed singer/pianist Jens Thomas.