Louis Gesta: master of stained glass

Louis Gesta is a son of the Midi-Pyrenees.  During the 19th century, his work radiated out from the Gesta atelier at Avenue de Paris 24, Toulouse; the “largest stained glass window-manufacturing firm in the world” at the time.

The majority of his work was commissioned by churches and there are examples of these in the Ariège, including the church in Léran and the cathedral at Mirepoix.  

In the opinion of the archivist at the Musée de veuille Toulouse, La Galerie possesses the only known example of Gesta's work in a private house.  The significance of the stained glass design in La Galerie becomes more marked when considering how the fashionable neo-Gothic features of the stained glass have been mounted in arched steel window frames and doors; using such materials in a domestic setting predicts the art nouveau movement of the late 19th century. Thus the design could represent an experiment, a prototype for the forward looking Gesta and date the construction of La Galerie at about 1870.